we're hiring!

We are recruiting a Postdoctoral Fellow to join the Protein Design Laboratory. The Fellow will be co-mentored by Chris Bahl and Tim Springer, and their primary focus will be to improve antibody stability and in vivo half-life through Fc engineering. The candidate will learn computational protein design with Rosetta and perform protein stability engineering, glycoengineering, and immunogenicity assessment. The postdoctoral fellow will use the designed antibodies to explore the relationship between protein stability and glycosylation, as well as characterize the biophysical and pharmacokinetic properties of the designed antibodies. This work aims to produce a major advancement in therapeutic antibody technology.

Strong candidates will have demonstrated expertise in protein biochemistry, cell culture, and structural biology. If you are excited to join a team working to tackle audacious projects aimed directly at improving human health, please send your CV to: chris.bahl@proteininnovation.org

The IPI is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, national origin/ancestry, age, disability, marital or veteran status, etc. Candidates from underrepresented backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.